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The Ink Of Imagination

May 18, 2011

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, the Spanish literary genius who penned Don Quixote was also a master of provocative aphorisms as in “The Pen Is The Tongue Of The Mind.”Though I discovered this one many years ago, it rings especially true of late, particularly since I decided that after experimenting with many techniques and tools, expressing ideas was more important to me than either of these. Perversely, the romantic part of me still clings to the elegant, graceful lines produced by the once-ubiquitous dip pen. Once, it was my exclusive drawing tool but has since been supplanted by the now-ubiquitous ballpoint pen with its linear predictability, mostly for the sake of convenience. However, during a visit to London’s Knightsbridge neighborhood in 2004, I was reminded of the beauty of dip pens at an art supply shop called L. Cornelissen & Son, Artist’s Colourmen.

Some of their showcases displayed a wonderful selection of antique and modern nibs and holders, little artworks all by themselves. This experience may have been the touchstone for Kalligraphie, a hand-drawn alphabet that is my tribute to this classic writing instrument…