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Of Meme & Metaphor

October 19, 2011

Since the Magic Eye Gallery went live recently, I’ve been thinking about this site as a virtual/visual metaphor of who I am, an offering that may generate more questions than it answers. This morning, as I worked through the exercises that are part of my recovery from rotator cuff surgery last week, I inexplicably flashed on the image of a crossword puzzle with its labyrinthine clues and negative pathways. For puzzle fans it’s a mind flirt, an irresistible literal challenge to be solved, but where my work in concerned, perhaps it’s something less literal and more memetic…

A crossword puzzle is like a map of metaphoric memes calling forth the thoughts, experiences and behaviors that we share and which to some extent characterize our lives. We are given clues to help us discover who we are, who we might have been and who or what we may yet become, but the mysteries that are in the dark spaces between the grids will never be revealed. What if we imagine that God is concealed there in each of us…?