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Between Heaven & Earth: Availability Update

January 14, 2020

BH+ECover copy 2.jpg

Dear Readers:

I’ve noticed that many visitors to Imaginarius have attempted to locate or order my book Between Heaven & Earth: An Illuminated Torah Commentary (Pomegranate, 2009) via a link that no longer exists. I’m sorry to say that this book is no longer in print, nor has it been re-issued.

HOWEVER, I do have a limited supply available through my online Magic Eye Gallery! If you wish to order an inscribed, signed copy, please visit: 

You may also email me at the gallery site if have a special request:

Your other option, though it will not be signed or inscribed, is to order through Amazon: You can read  reviews at Amazon, too.

Between Heaven & Earth: An Illuminated Torah Commentary makes a unique and thoughtful gift for birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvot or special occasions. I hope you will check it out; supplies are limited!

Best Regards,


ps. Here are some of the interior illustrations:


For Lag B’Omer: Parashah Emo

April 30, 2010

Tomorrow, in anticipation of the holiday of Lag B’Omer (The Counting of the Omer), we read Parashah Emor, portion of insightful contrasts. My images for this parashah are: Omer, Emor & Zohar (left) and Of Stars & Seasons (right). I’ve chosen to focus on The Counting of the Omer, which occurs during the forty-nine days between Passover (commemorating the Exodus from Egypt) and Shavuot (the giving and receiving of the Law on Mt. Sinai). ‘Omer’ is the Hebrew word for ‘sheaf’, an offering of grain brought to the Temple in hopes of a healthy barley harvest. For seven weeks, one omer is set aside and counted each day. This practice commemorates the length of time taken for the Israelites to journey from Egypt to Mt. Sinai.

A longer, more detailed interpretation of these images may be found in Between Heaven & Earth: An Illuminated Torah Commentary (Pomegranate, 2009) on pages 159-161 in my AfterImages section. Your questions and comments are welcome!

The book may be purchased directly here: