Update #4: Notes From London: Above & Below: Inspiration

What is it that drives a project like this? With 21% funding reached and 9 days remaining in this campaign, I am learning that all my efforts to have this unique book funded for publication at this site have never been about money, nor will they. How can one put a dollar value on the product of work done with love and passion? Of course I greatly appreciate your support thus far, but in truth, what drives this project is the hope of sharing the experiences and observations from an important period in my life with all of you who can appreciate them via the art and writing I produce. That said, I’ve decided to show you an illustration from the book that not only documents my visits to L. Cornelissen & Son, a favorite art shop in London, but which has also inspired an ongoing series of original thematic alphabet drawings. More about these in a future post here. Your comments and questions are always welcome as is your generosity in making Notes From London: Above & Below come to life!


Without further ado, here is Kalligraphie:


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