Notes From London: Above & Below–A New Book @KICKSTARTER!

In my closing post of 2014, I hinted that a new book was in the works following the successful Kickstarter launch and funding of An Illumination Of Blessings. Now, nearly four months later, a very different book, Notes From London: Above & Below is ready for publication. For this to happen however, I am counting on the magic of my second Kickstarter venture which has just gone live today! Please visit this link to learn more about the project:

This unusual 42-page collection of annotated illustrations is not the typical tourists’ travel book one might expect with pictures of Brits, buildings, bridges and double-decker buses. Rather, it is a mind’s eye mix of the factual and the fantastic that began in journals kept during my travels to visit family and friends in London between 2002 and 2009.

Although some of these drawings were posted in progress here at Imaginarius (which began in 2009) and others received awards in international illustration/design publications, the possibility of collecting them in book form was only a back-burner project until last year when Kickstarter became a viable resource for marketing and funding. Here are a couple of the illustrations with excerpts from their annotations:


Mind The Gap was the first drawing that I completed. At the crowded tube stop near Portobello Market, I nearly tripped over a small yellow dog wearing a leather harness and a tidy checkered blanket. I began my apology to its elderly owner, but when she turned at the sound of my voice, I realized that she couldn’t see me. Amidst my conflicting emotions, I suddenly envisioned these wondrous allies trading places as though they  were denizens of an alternate universe in which believing is seeing…


Sometimes, watching people in a museum rivals looking at the art itself, especially at London’s Tate Modern Museum where my ‘Connoisseur’ in his expensive camel hair coat and silk scarf seemed a bit too fascinated by Cy Twombley’s gigantic scribbles.


You can see more of them and learn about the project from the video at my Kickstarter page when you visit this link:

Your generous help throughout my 30-day campaign at Kickstarter in bringing this very special book to life is greatly appreciated!

I know that Notes From London: Above & Below will be a welcome addition to your personal collections and will make wonderful gifts for your friends and family.

As the campaign progresses, I’ll be posting updates here and at other social media sites that include Facebook and Twitter. Please help to spread the word as well! Thanks muchly in advance!!

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