Update #5: An Illumination Of Blessings: New Detail Illustration

NightingaleBirds copy

The illustration above is a detail study from the drawing for the blessing of hearing and music.

The nightingales are perched beneath a pomegranate tree upon the Hebrew word z’mir which means ‘nightingale’ but is also a general term for songbird. The word is formed with the letters of an original Hebrew alphabet/alephbet that I designed especially for this book. It is called ‘Rimmon’ or Pomegranate. Tomorrow, I will show you the rest of the letters!

What a crazy duality is Kickstarter; the perfect storm of hope and fear!
As of tonight, my project is 66% funded with 47 hours left for posting your pledges! Please don’t miss this limited opportunity to lend your support to the creation of this unique book and receive your signed copies and your custom prints. The clock’s ticking…. http://kck.st/17F0To0

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