Tea With William…

As an artist, writer and avid reader, I’ve often thought that Réne Descartes’ well-known aphorism: “The reading of all good books is like conversation with the finest men of past centuries.” deserves a postscript. Besides substituting ‘minds’ for ‘men’, the phrase should be extended to include art and perhaps music because our minds are insatiable for all forms of creative expression; hungry to engage in conversation with all creators through their work.

While not all creators are articulate; nevertheless it’s up to us to discover what visual or musical language they are speaking in their attempts to reach us. That said, sometimes, just encountering beauty in music or art needs no translation. This pretty much encapsulates my admiration for the English Arts & Crafts period designer William Morris, whose work has been a great inspiration to my own. Such that I imagined us sharing high tea at Broadway Tower, his summer retreat in the Cotswolds…

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2 Responses to “Tea With William…”

  1. Steve Frenkel Says:

    My continued perusal of your blog leaves me knocked out!
    Very terrific work!


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