Codex Gastropoda: New Drawings In Appreciation Of Little Things

Though the phrase, “God is in the details” has been attributed to several great minds from Michelangelo to Gustave Flaubért and Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, it is of unknown origin. Yet who said it first is irrelevant since its wisdom is a call for us to pay attention to ideas and images which may escape our first glance. How can anyone claim to be bored if a continuous conscious effort is made to be an astute observer of all we call life? At the very least, even without some degree of spiritual orientation, wouldn’t we be inspired to ask questions? It is this line of inquiry that led to this first in a series of drawings called Codex Gastropoda. Two more will follow later this week.

Questions anyone? What small things have you noticed lately?

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6 Responses to “Codex Gastropoda: New Drawings In Appreciation Of Little Things”

  1. Mary J Says:

    Can it be sounds? If asking of only smaller sights, with open significance-(I think always so!) it would be the slight change in the old shack off the highway-someone had(it recently appeared) placed a very old, beautifully tattered wooden piano on it’s porch.Then, 2 spider lilies had grown together, intertwined from base to share solid linkages at flower tendril top. Lovely question, I thank you for reminding us of those sacred things-or stupid things that look sacred, or, simply, the small things~


    • Ilene Winn-Lederer Says:

      Paying attention is not limited to objects/people within our view, but can certainly include sounds and smells. It’s all connected as are our five senses and is recorded in our memories. Thanks for your comment!


  2. Aputsiaq Says:

    Thank you for the comment and the link on my snail blog…I’m glad you visited me. These snails are amazing; I simply adore them…and I spent a lot of time looking at them – so many beautiful details! May I link to your blog…or even post this beautiful artwork? Have a wonderful weekend, Mette


    • Ilene Winn-Lederer Says:

      Hi Mette,
      Thanks for your kind note! Of course you may post a link to my blog and to the Gastropoda series! It’s so nice to know I’m not working in a vacuum! Where are you located, if I may ask?


  3. Aputsiaq Says:

    Thank you so, so much – I’m so happy that you’ll let me post your snail! Thanks again! I’m located in Copenhagen in Denmark.


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