New Notes From The Underground: The Player

I am surprised to realize that it’s been nearly year since the publication of my magnum opus, Between Heaven & Earth: An Illuminated Torah Commentary (Pomegranate: September, 2009). During this year of decompression, I’ve struggled with the notion of applying myself to new projects, perhaps a companion volume to BH&E, yet wondering if any of them merited the effort or if developed, whether any of those ideas would seem trivial next to the book? Sometimes I feel like a bit of a dilettante as I browse among my many choices. But given the creative energy the book has engendered, I think that each project should stand on its own just as one’s children ought not to be compared. And you know, life is too short for indulgent navel-gazing. So without further ado, I’ve presently decided to revisit and continue developing a series of drawings begun in 2002: Notes From The London Underground. I began this series in my ever-present Moleskine notebooks on my first visit to London in that year and subsequent trips thereafter while visiting friends, relatives and colleagues. The earlier drawings may be seen at my webfolio:


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