Korah:The Price Of Power

Korah: The Price of Power

In the parashah for this past Sabbath, we read the bitter and tragic tale of Korah ben Izhar, a wealthy and prominent Levite. Despite his respected influence as cousin to Moses and Aaron, he craved more power and determined to challenge the authority assigned to them over the Israelites by means of a cunning, but learned argument for the equal holiness of all the Israelites. Gathering 250 men with ambitious agendas of their own, he had them outfitted in luxurious tallitot (prayer shawls) made entirely of blue wool, mocking the ‘one-cord of blue’ commandment described in Parashah Shelakh-Lekha. Korah, the story’s arrogant protagonist is ‘dressed to kill’ so to speak, as he forfeits The Price of Power…

In today’s entertainment parlance, the resulting dramatic confrontation and the man-eating earthquake that followed would easily invite a big budget digital cinematic interpretation. If I had to guess, I imagine The Creator would not be amused…

The full illustrations and their complex symbolism  are explained in greater detail on page 170 of the AfterImages section of Between Heaven & Earth: An Illuminated Torah Commentary (Pomegranate, 2009).

The book is distributed internationally and may be purchased directly from Pomegranate, the publisher by calling: 1-800-227-1428 (US), {+44} 0 1926 430111(UK) or visiting http://www.pomegranate.com/a166.html


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