The New Tapestry Project!

I’m happy to announce my participation in The NEW TAPESTRY project with three panels for weeks 14,15, and 16 of 2009! Amsterdam Design firm KesselsKramer reinvents old masterpiece on an epic scale. Morethan 50 artists, designers and producers from three continents have worked on KesselsKramer’s latest art project. New Tapestry is an updated version of a very old and famous Medieval piece: the Bayeux Tapestry. The original Bayeux Tapestry showed the news events of the year 1066 in one enormous strip of cloth. In form, it resembled theMiddle Ages equivalent of a comic book or film storyboard.KesselsKramer’s New Tapestry will also record news events presented asa visual story, but this time for 2009. Like the Bayeux it willcomprise a vast cloth strip, divided into 52 panels, one for each weekof the year. Each panel is drawn in black and white by a mix of freshyoung artists and established talent, including Laser 3.14, Joe Morse,Ilene Winn-Lederer and Christian Borstlap, voted one of the top illustrators in the world. In style, the New Tapestry surprises continuously, switching from energetic graffiti to the best commercial art to naïve scrawls to incredibly elaborate pieces. In total, it’s a topical retrospective of a tumultuous year, featuring the historic rise of Barack Obama, swine flu, the tale of the ailing world economy, and the strange death of Michael Jackson. Each of these subplots can be seen weaving in and out of the larger piece, referenced in different ways by different artists. The final New Tapestry will be more than 21 meters long and flow continuously around the walls of Amsterdam’s prestigious Steendrukkerij Gallery. In the centre of the space, a miniature exhibition-within-an-exhibition will show sketches andworks-in-progress by the best New Tapestry illustrators, helping to show how the piece was created. Opening night is on the 28 January 2010 and many of the artists and creatives involved in this mammoth project will attend. New Tapestry was created by Christian Bunyan, designed and art directed by Jennifer Skupin. Head of production is Keefe Cordeiro. For more information, please contact Keefe Cordeiro on

New Tapestry. 28th January 2010 – 2nd February 2010.

Opening Hours: 1300h -1730h Steendrukkerij Amsterdam

Lauriergracht 801016 RM Amsterdam.

Opening Event: 28th January 2010 1700h – 2000h

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