The Alchymical Zoodiac: A Celestial Bestiary

The Alchymical Zoodiac: A Celestial Bestiary was originally conceived as an illustrated promotional postcard series in 2001, I later wrote verses to accompany these works. The Alchymical Zoodiac became the centerpiece of a 2003 solo exhibition at The Gallery In The Square in Pittsburgh entitled Visual Alchymy.

The popular response encouraged me to consider publishing the Zoodiac as a book. However, I realized that as an illustrator, though I had an eye for book design, I knew not the first thing about actually putting together a book. This had always seemed the province of publishers, whom I knew from experience were reluctant to invest in an unpublished artist/author. So I decided to see if I could go it alone. It took me six weeks or so to master Adobe InDesign, another month to write the artists’ notes and still another two months to design and assemble the pages.

I explored the print-on-demand industry as typified by Amazon, Blurb, Lulu and several others, but though these were less expensive than a traditional printer and offered a pipedream of online distribution, there were issues around the ownership of ISBN numbers and the templates they offered were not flexible enough for my needs. I also realized that their online marketing terms were more tailored to publishers who could afford to produce large editions and turn a profit via volume sales. Since I only wanted to produce a small edition that I could share with friends and colleagues and maybe sell wherever,  I chose to go with a local printer where I had decent quality control, freedom to revise as needed and press checks to ensure accuracy. The book debuted in March of 2009 under the imprint Imaginarius Editions and I am pleased with the results, but mostly with my decision to broaden my technical, writing and design capabilities. It is priced reasonably with regard to my production expenses. I hope that this little preview of the cover and interior spread will whet your appetite to see more and perhaps be a proud owner. Signed copies can be ordered through PayPal at my webfolio: or dropping me an email at: with your snail mail address, phone, and a name or phrase that you’d like for me to include with the signature. Looking forward to your stellar comments and questions!The Alchymical Zoodiac CoverVirgo

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